Apostolic Bible College

Board of Regents

Board of Regents

Bishop Ira Combs, Jr. D.D.

Bishop Ira Combs, Jr. D.D.

Bishop Ira Combs, D.D., is a licensed and ordained minister carrying the title Bishop with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., (P.A.W.), the oldest and second largest Pentecostal organization in the world. He is the founder and Pastor of the Greater Bible Way Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith; the founder and Executive Director of Christ Centered Homes, Inc.; and the President and Chairman of IRCO Housing Development, Inc., all in Jackson, MI. He and his wife, Kimberly, have two children.

Bishop Comb’s degrees in theology, his role as a pastor and his experience as an executive trained in finance present a rare combination of qualifications that enable him to lead with insight, compassion and business savvy. An exceptional Bible teacher, community leader and entrepreneur, Bishop Combs has received many awards and accolades. Bishop Combs was born in Ypsilanti, MI., at Beyer Memorial Hospital., to the late Ira Combs, Sr. and Hazel Combs in 1958. He was the fifth of 10 children, raised in the City of Westland, Mich. There, he attended Inkster Public schools until matriculating to East Lansing High School in 1974-75. He graduated from East Lansing High School in 1976 as a college prep graduate and matriculated to Michigan State University where he majored in business marketing and minored in religion from 1976-1979. During his tenure as a student at MSU, he was exposed to the mega church ministry of Bishop David L. Ellis at Greater Grace Temple, Detroit, MI.  On May 14, 1978, he accepted the new birth experience at Greater Grace Temple of being born again of water and spirit (St. John 3:5). It was this experience that led to his call to the ministry.


Dr. Gary W. Garrett

Dr. Gary W. Garrett

Johnny James “Walking Bible”

Johnny James “Walking Bible”


Dr. Marc E. Royster

Dr. Marc E. Royster


Dr. Gary W. Garrett resides in Springfield, Missouri. He is the founder and CEO of the Apostolic Archives International; the Apostolic Ministerial Hall of Fame; the Museum and Cultural Center for Ministerial Arts; the Apostolic Historians' Association; and is President of Heritage University, the school of historiography for Pentecostal and Oneness studies.

 For over (20) years, Dr. Garrett has served as an ambassador for the preservation of modern Pentecostalism. He travels extensively throughout North America, connecting generations through historical presentations of vintage Pentecostal history. 

 He has authored several books, and holds (11) prestigious degrees of Higher Education, including:

 Master of Theology; Doctor of Philosophy in Religion; Doctor of Historical Antiquities; Doctor of Ministry; Doctor of Theology; Doctor of Sacred Letters; including several honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees.


Elder Johnny James was born the first time on April 1, 1930 in Portsmouth, OH to parents John Andrew James, Sr. and Bertha Valentine James. He has one sister, Susie Harolene James. Reverend John A. James, Sr. a Methodist Minister was transferred to Detroit in 1932. Raised in Detroit from the age of one, Johnny James was brought up in the way of the Apostolic Doctrine by his mother, Bertha. They attended the Apostolic Church of God in Christ Jesus under the leadership of Elder Levi Moses Miles. Elder Johnny’s sound Bible foundation began with a consistence presence in Sunday School at the church house affectionately called and known by its address ‘6117’ (sixty-one seventeen). His high school athletic years led to world-class competition as a speed skater. Also a cyclist, Johnny made many treks across Michigan and Ohio.

Johnny James was born the second time on June 22, 1954. His first birth gained him citizenship in the United States of America. The second birth guarantees his citizenship in Heaven. Under the tutelage of Elder Roland Corr, Johnny’s fascination with the study of God’s word took him to Aenon Bible College in Columbus, OH. Another stand-out student at Aenon named Anna Juanita Diggs soon piqued his attention. Dr. Johnny regularly cites, “I couldn’t beat her, so I joined her!” Johnny and Juanita married in June of 1957 & are the parents to 9 children, eight on Earth and one in Heaven. They are also the proud and thankful grandparents of 18, and 1 great-grandchild.

In the 1960s, he attended the Detroit Bible College, as well as the Bethel School of Theology. These years entrenched his desire towards intense Bible study. Dr. James holds two degrees in Theology, and is an Adjunct Professor to several Bible colleges. He has read the Bible from Genesis 1:1 through Revelations 22:21 over 40 times. His annual commitment to read the Bible ‘through and through’ has manifested a masterful ability to quote the Bible – book, chapter, and verse, earning him the title ‘The Walking Bible’. His love for and knowledge of Hermeneutics has enabled him to preach, lecture, debate, and teach numerous times in each of the 50 states. His ministry has also taken him to countries abroad, including The United Kingdom, Australia, the Caribbean, and Canada.

Dr. Johnny James adamantly declares that his Object, Subject & Project are Jesus Christ. He has also been known to proclaim “Until you’ve seen Jesus, you ain’t seen nothing worth looking at!”

Born in Yonkers, NY, and raised in Miami, FL, Elder Marc E. Royster traveled extensively in the United States and abroad during his military career and as a corporate functional training analyst after he retired from active duty.  A veteran of the first Gulf war, Elder Royster pastored a lay ministry in Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and served as Sr. Pastor at First Apostolic Church of Anchorage, Alaska.  

 Elder Royster's 27 years of ministerial experience includes serving as Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Youth Pastor, Men's Ministry Leader, Sunday School teacher, Nursing Home Ministry Leader, and Newsletter editor.  In addition, Elder Royster wrote Sunday School lessons for Apostolic Light Publications, and has also self-published two books:

"Are You Sure God Told You to Tell Me that?"  - (Anointed Word Press 2001)

"It May Not be Your Fault That You Were Sabotaged, But It's Your Responsibility to Get Fixed." -  (AuthorHouse Publishing 2007)

Elder Royster holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business, a Master's Degree in Human Resources, and a Doctorate of Ministry.   Having a strong believe that one should never stop learning and developing, Elder Royster is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education with a specialization in Training and Development. Elder Royster has been married to Patsy Royster for 23 years.  They have three children: LaTosha, Marc, Jr. and Victoria.




The definition of "regent" is:

1. One acting as a ruler or governor.

2. A member of a board that governs an institution, such as a college, seminary or university. 

3. Members of a governing board. 

The ABC Board of Regents is the executive committee most responsible for providing advice and direction to the school and staff where policy and protocol is concerned. A complaint about the school may be made to any of the regents, who in turn, shall notify the chancellor for swift investigation and correction of legitimate issues.


Regents serve without compensation and are not bound legally or financially by any rule law or policy. There are two types of regents at Apostolic Bible College: Executive Regents & Staff Executive Regents. 


The difference is simply that because of their years of dedication and hard work, Staff Executive Regents are considered  "vested persons" and responsible for the day to day operation of the school.

What are the duties of the Staff Executive Regents?

Staff Executive Regents establish policy in areas such as personnel, campus development, student fees, admissions, and day to day operation. The duties of the Regents also include overseeing the financial management of the school, as well as advising the President of the college, referring and approving names of staff, faculty, regents, directors, and officers. Assisting the school's president and ensuring that quality programs and education are first, are the most important functions of the Board of Regents.


The ABC Board Of Regents was created by Dr. L. McNeese to maintain quality and accountability within the systems of the school. Regents serve for an indefinite period and may be removed only by their own request or recommendation from the chancellor to the Board of Staff Executive Regents.